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Not Your Typical Home Improvement Franchise

What’s on your home improvement wish list? We are willing to bet that you have quite a few home repairs and projects of your own to check off. You are definitely not alone! Why not become a Surface Specialists® home improvement franchise, and in addition to offering customers bathroom and kitchen repair, refinishing and remodeling solutions you might even check a few items off your own list!

Surface Specialists® franchises offer a range of home improvement options to customers at a much lower cost than typical remodeling. Since our home improvement solutions continue to use existing surfaces; you are able to complete jobs within hours - not days!

  • Tub & Wall Liners: Install completely new, custom fit acrylic tubliners, walls and accessories. Several styles and color options available for customers.
  • Refinishing: Enhance tubs, showers, tile, counter tops and most other bath and kitchen surfaces with a fresh look. Choose from solid or stone finishes.
  • Repairs: Accidents happen. No need to replace an entire tub or counter top just for a chip or ding. Blend repairs in with ease!
  • Conversions: Install whirlpool jets or convert a bathtub to a shower!
Home Improvement Franchise

Our Home Improvement Franchise Benefits

There are several benefits to operating a Surface Specialists® home improvement franchise:

  • Work from home
  • Set your own schedule
  • Choose the services you offer
  • Network with other franchises
  • Receive Franchisor Support
Work from Home

Russ Stark

Surface Specialists of Arrowhead Country
Wrenshall, Minnesota

Franchisee Spotlight

"Owning a Surface Specialists franchise has been a fantastic career choice and a great way to make a living. I first started in the bathtub repair business with a different company at age 18. 4 years later I was introduced to Surface Specialists and I was extremely surprised by not only how much more there was to offer here, but also by how much higher quality there was to the materials, processes, and scope of work that Surface Specialists offers.

I bought my franchise just before my 23rd birthday using a little cash from a car I sold, most of my savings, a loan from my parents, and a bank loan my father co- signed! Was I nervous? Oh yes!

But I hit the ground running and every minute I wasn't doing a job I was hitting up every hotel, motel, plumber, contractor, plumbing supply distributer, realtor, and apartment complex I could find in a 150 mile plus radius. For awhile I'd even walk door to door next to the house I just did a repair in to drop off flyers!

The work slowly came in and my business steadily grew more each year. There is a lot of opportunities in this business and you really can grow in many ways if you work it. I now have several employees and we continue to grow.

While we are not the only "tub business" in my area nor are we the cheapest, nobody beats our quality, professionalism, and the amount of different services offered. We have built an awesome reputation and now continually hear from new customers: "We checked all around and everyone we talked to ALL said 'call Surface Specialists, don't even bother with anyone else!'" And that is why we are here to stay while we wave goodbye to the other fly by night businesses!

If someone is looking for a quick buck above all, this isn't the business for you. If however, you want a great career, can offer quality work, care about your customers and are an easy to get along with person, this business certainly has plenty to offer for both career as well as personal growth.

As a Surface Specialists franchise owner, I've been extremely pleased with the support end of the business. The Systems office has always been easy to reach, easy to talk to, and ready to help at all times. I've never felt in the dark about anything and have always felt them to be open to any discussion.

Last, I want to mention that over the years I have really enjoyed the relationships I have built with the other franchise members. At the start I'd talk to others often just to get tips and insights into new ideas and everyone was always more than willing to help out. We are an entire community with decades of experience willing to share with one another. I now consider many of the other franchises much more than just friends, I consider most to be family and I've heard many of the others say the same thing."

Why Surface Specialists is a better opportunity than other:

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