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How we Compare to Other Bathtub Refinishing Franchises

Have you narrowed your decision to a bathtub refinishing franchise? Are we the best bathtub refinishing franchise for you? Do you know why a bathtub refinishing franchise is better than other franchises in our industry? There are hundreds of millions of bathtubs and sinks in the United States. And not one of them is going to last forever.

Today's homeowners are making repairs rather than buying brand new - and as a Surface SpecialistsĀ® bathtub refinishing franchisee, you'll be there to help them, with a comprehensive product and service offering that enables them to save money while they beautify their homes.

  • Provide repairs and refinishing of bath and kitchen surfaces
  • Enable clients to save money over complete remodeling options
  • There is an enormous market - over 95 million homes across America
  • Additional channels include:
    • Apartments and rental properties
    • Hotels, motels, resorts
    • Retirement communities

Our Bathtub Refinishing Franchise is better if you value:

We offer more services

The best refinishing franchise can provide solutions for any customer and budget. No other bathtub refinishing franchise offers as many services as we do. Some may also offer a few repairs, but typically they will refinish an entire surface for a small chip because they cannot blend the repair in.

There simply are not any other bathtub refinishing franchises who can do everything we can do under one franchise brand. You would need to purchase several different franchises to match our service offering.

  • Repair & Refinishing
  • Acrylic Tub, Shower & Wall Liners
  • Tub to Shower Conversions
  • Whirlpool Jet Installation
  • Plumbing Mechanical Repairs
  • Glass Scratch Removal
  • Vinyl Window Repairs
  • Fiberglass Step Repairs
  • Spa & Hot Tub Repairs
  • Door Sill Overlays
  • Grout Colorant
  • Real Marble & Granite Repairs

Decades of Field and Office Experience

The best refinishing franchise knows what they are doing. Our support team is more than experienced business professionals; we are experienced in THIS business. Though Dan Kaplan brought years of construction industry experience with him that helped when he purchased his first Surface Specialists franchise, that was years ago. He has been in the Bathtub Refinishing industry since 1989. He grew his first franchise to be the first to exceed $1 Million in sales before becoming the franchisor. He knows what it takes to start a successful bathtub refinishing franchise and how to develop it.

Think that was so long ago he can't possibly know what it's like to start one in the current economic climate? Not true. In 2011, he co-founded and continues to operate the Columbia, SC franchise which has repeatedly been recognized among the top Surface Specialists franchises for sales growth. Keeping his thumb on the heartbeat of the industry greatly enhances his abilities to help current and new franchisees.

One Low Franchise Fee - No Hidden Start-Up Costs

The best refinishing franchise is an affordable one. The only start-up fee we collect from franchisees is the $36,000 franchise fee. In return for this fee, you receive ALL the start-up materials and equipment necessary to provide ALL the services we offer.

  • There is only ONE start-up kit.
  • There are NO hidden or additional equipment or material packages for the additional services we offer. They are ALL included.
  • There are NOT different investment LEVELS for territory size, offerings, etc.

Your additional out of pocket third party start-up costs will vary based on individual state and local licensing requirements, insurance, legal and incorporation fees, signage, office equipment and fixtures, computer and vehicle expenses. These are estimated to range between $7,200-$20,000.

Operating a Home-Based franchise saves you money

The best refinishing franchise allows you flexibility. Who wouldn't want a commute to the office lasting only seconds instead of hours? In addition to spending more time with your family, there are several financial benefits of operating your business from home:

  • No commercial property or leases necessary
  • No additional rent or utilities
  • Deduct space dedicated for your Home Business from your taxes
  • Additional Home Business tax advantages

Franchisee Spotlight - Colerider

Franchisee Spotlight

"I didn't have a construction background, formal business skills, or anything that related to this industry but it has been working for me. Within the first month of being in business I was showing a profit!"

Wes Colerider
Surface SpecialistsĀ® of Charleston, SC

Why Surface Specialists is a better opportunity than other:

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