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How we Compare to a Handyman Franchise

Are you looking for a handyman franchise? Though we are not what you might typically think of when looking for a handyman franchise, the same skills and techniques that are considered to be those of a handyman are the same basis for a Surface SpecialistsĀ® bathtub repair franchise.

  • Home repair skills - you know your way around tools and how to use them
  • Keen eye for detail - you can see how to blend and match colors
  • Mechanical inclination - you have learned to measure twice and cut once
  • Desire for job variety - every day offers new and different projects
  • Take pride in your completed work - satisfaction in a job well done

We would actually like to thank Handyman Franchises

We are thankful to the other handyman franchises and repair techs for all their dropped hammers, thrown 2x4s, razor blade cuts, scratches and chips that keep our franchises busy. Even skilled handyman franchises do not have the ability to fix bathtub repairs and other kitchen and bath damage they create.

DIY homeowners can also be a great lead source. Whether they tackled a project outside of their skill level or would just rather save time and money by calling a professional first; our franchises are ready to help!

So, why not look outside the box for a handyman franchise where you can take your skills to the next level offering bathtub repair and refinishing?!

Handyman Franchise

Franchisee Endorsement - Stark

Franchisee Spotlight

"After 20 years in the Information Technology / Project Management Field, I began to look at purchasing a business of my own. After months of due diligence, I decided on purchasing a Surface Specialists Franchise even though it was completely different than what I had previously done.

It was a lot of work, but with the close guidance and recipe for business success of the Franchisor, the business selection has definitely been a great decision for my Wife and Myself.

The Surface Specialists Systems, Inc team provides great, continual support when needed and they are always looking for new products and services that we can provide. The opportunities to grow my business have always been there."

Ray & Linda Piedt
Surface Specialists of Charlotte

Why Surface Specialists is a better opportunity than other:

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