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Our Ideal Franchisee

A Surface SpecialistsĀ® home improvement franchise is not for everyone. Though experience in some sort of a hands-on field is beneficial, it is not required.

Our franchise owners come from all walks of life including serving in the military, repairing copy machines, running a bread route, and an information technology manager just to name a few.

We are looking for candidates who are truly interested in following the system and procedures we have established; which is essential to develop and grow your franchise.

Ideal Surface Specialists Franchisee

Here are some of the best refinishing franchise qualities that make an ideal franchisee.

Physical Requirements

  • Good manual dexterity / Works well with their hands
  • Able to complete basic home repairs
  • Good health and vision (cannot be color blind)
  • Has an eye for detail
  • Able to kneel and/or bend for extended periods of time

Financial Requirements

  • Cash Liquidity of $25,000
  • Stable Credit History
  • Ability to fund expenses while building the business

Personality Traits

  • Honest and trustworthy
  • Self-Motivated with the initiative to succeed
  • Determined and believe in yourself
  • Able to follow a proven system and can take direction
  • Willing to put in the hard work and commitment
  • Willing to take risks

Business Requirements

  • Blue-collar skills with an executive mind set
  • Managerial skills necessary to operate a business
  • Manage / balance both field and office tasks
  • Create your own job satisfaction
  • Set and achieve goals
  • Provide quality repair work
  • Offer excellent customer service

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